"Trees, Roots"
24" x 24" mixed media on canvas, item # WAR001 - $1000

"Sun Catchers"
22" x 28" acrylic on canvas, item # WAR002 - $950

28" x 22" acrylic on canvas, item # WAR003 - $950

"Earth Moves"
20" x 24" mixed media on canvas, item # WAR004 - $750

"Cave of the Medicine Woman"
30" x 24" acrylic on canvas, item # WAR005 - $1200

"Bastille Day"
22" x 18" acrylic on board, item # WAR006 - $800

"Rush to the River"
40" x 30" acrylic on canvas, item # WAR007 - $1600

14" x 11" mixed media on board, item # WAR008 - $550

30" x 24" mixed media on canvas, item # WAR009 - $1200

30" x 24" mixed media on canvas, item # WAR010 - $1200

40" x 30" acrylic on canvas, item # WAR011 - $1600

28" x 22" mixed media on canvas, item # WAR012 - $950

"Animal-Headed Shaman"
18" x 14" mixed media on board, item # WAR013 - $600

"Wall of Shamans"
18" x 14" mixed media on board, item # WAR014 - $600

Carolyn WarmSun

Carolyn grew up in rural southern Indiana, obtained her Bachelor’s Degree at Southern Illinois University and Master’s from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. She worked in the field of mental health for many years before beginning a career in Organization Development Consulting. She now paints full time. Maxine Masterfield was instrumental in helping her define herself and her work as an artist. Katherine Chang Liu and Jeremy Morgan have been good guides and mentors.

Carolyn works to paint the fascinating and elegant intersections of Spirit, Nature, and Human. Her work, therefore, is multi-layered, highly textured, robustly colored, and has an element of mystery and discovery. You will see her passion for Nature, and for symbols from Native Cultures deeply connected to our Earth. She started painting what she saw, and now paints what she remembers, or thinks about, or feels, or just what comes off her hands to the brush to the canvas. It is a remarkable journey. One she wishes to share.

Carolyn’s work has been exhibited in numerous galleries including SF Women Artists Gallery, Harrington Gallery in Pleasanton, Gallery Route One in Point Reyes and Yosemite Museum Gallery. Her work was selected for the Midwest International Abstract Exhibition VIII and the 2014 show of the International Society of Acrylic Painters. She was invited to send work to Art in the Cathedral Gallery’s “Sacred Rhythms” show in Lexington, Kentucky. She has been juried three times into Still Point Art Gallery’s online show and published in their Art Journal, and she has received several Awards of Merit from the online Gallery shows of Space, Light and Time. Her work is on the cover of a book of poetry entitled “A Stranger in the House” by Christine Horner, and she has been selected to have a piece in San Francisco Peace and Love’s book of art and poetry.
Carolyn is a board member of the SF Women Artists Gallery and member of the International Society of Experimental Artists, the International Society of Acrylic Painters and the Berkeley Art Center.