Valley Mustard
Mustard Pop
Mustard Flush
Mustard Glow
Mustard Dream
Bay Glow
Dusk on the Bay
Dusk on the Ridge
Last Light
Dusk on the Strait
Weston Beach, Point Lobos
Mustard Trail
Flowing Mustard

"Valley Mustard"
30" x 30" oil, item # VAS001 - $3200

"Mustard Pop"
30" x 30" oil on cradled panel, item # VAS002 - $3200

"Mustard Flush"
30" x 30" oil, item # VAS003 - $3200

"Mustard Glow", 24" x 20" oil on cradled panel. Contact for availability

"Mustard Dream"
24" x 20" oil, item # VAS005 - $1900

"Bay Glow", 11" x 14" oil. Contact for availability.

"Dusk on the Bay", 8" x 10" oil. Contact for availability.

"Dusk on the Ridge"
12" x 12" oil, item # VAS008 - $575

"Last Light"
14" x 25" oil on cradled panel, item # VAS009 - $1400.

"Dusk on the Strait", 20" x 20" oil. Contact for availability.

"Weston Beach, Point Lobos", 14" x 30" oil. Contact for availability.

"Mustard Trail", 24" x 36" oil. Contact for availability.

"Flowing Mustard", 36" x 24" oil. Contact for availability.

Gregory Vasgerdsian

Gregory Vasgerdsian received his B.F.A. in Studio Art from the University of Arizona in 1987. An accomplished designer, his work has spanned 3-dimensional fibers and mixed media, painting, model building, publishing and communication design. His paintings are characterized by visible strokes of paint and beautiful blends of colors that work their way across the paintings surface.


Gregory paints primarily from life with oils in the alla-prima method. He relishes the feeling of paint as it comes off the brush and the beauty of color as it is laid down. A resident of Martinez, California, his subject matter comes from day-to-day visual experiences that are relevant to him. A constant producer, he continues to work and exhibit with his most recent paintings focused on a few, select themes.


Gregory has exhibited in numerous Northern California galleries including Epperson Gallery in Crockett, Janice Rowell Gallery in Pacifica and Renditions Gallery in Walnut Creek with recent exhibitions at Arts Benicia in Benicia, Monterey Museum of Art in Monterey and Walt Wines in Sonoma.