Red-tailed hawk
Bunny Rabbit
Horse Hoop

"Red-tailed Hawk"
wire sculpture - sold

"Forest Ferns", large plasma cut sheet metal, item # MAY007 - $2500

"Grizzly Bear", steel and copper, item # MAY008 - $5500

"Griffin", steel wire, item # MAY009 - $2800

"The Heron", steel wire and plasma cut sheet metal, item # MAY010 - $2500

"Rabbit in the Moonlight", rusted steel and silver wire, item # MAY011 - $1350

"Horse Hoop", steel wire, item # MAY002 - $200

"Pegasus wants to Fly", steel and silver wire, item # MAY003 - $200

"Unicorns are Magic", steel and aluminum wire, item # MAY004 - $200

"Raven", steel and colored wire, item # MAY005 - $350

"Mustang", wire sculpture, item # MAY006 - $370

Loran May

Loran has been an artist and illustrator since the age of 6. Working as a biologist and naturalist for the past 28 years, she brings together her knowledge of the natural world with her love of art. Her artwork varies in price and size from very small wearable art pieces and small wrapped wire sculptures to very large wall or garden pieces.

Her wrapped wire sculptures, both three-dimensional and flat are created from up cycled fence wire. Most are galvanized metal and can be displayed inside or out.

Freehand drawing using a plasma cutter on up cycled steel or Cot-Ten sheet metal, Loran creates both small and very large sculpted pieces. Sheets can be made into waterfalls, lights, or vertical garden features. If left outside, they will rust away into glorious colors and textures.

Loran is happy to work with clients to create a custom piece guaranteed to amaze and delight.