Ula Ula
Tale of the Tapping Bird
Polycarpa Reef
Broken Monarch
Blue Buttons
Ascidian Garden

"Valley", 20" x 36" oil on linen. $1950

"Ula Ula", 30" x 30" oil on linen. $3800

"Tale of the Tapping Bird", 24" x 36" oil on linen. $3800

"Polycarpa Reef", 24" x 36" oil on linen. $3800

"Lava", 20" x 24" oil on linen. $1950

"Favia", 20" x 24" oil on linen. $1950

"Broken Monarch", 30" x 36" oil on linen. $4100

"Blue Buttons", 20" x 24" oil on linen. $1950

"Ascidian Garden", 24" x 36" oil on linen. $3800

"Anemone", 20" x 24" oil on linen. $1950

Sophy Bevan

Sophy Bevan’s painting technique combines meticulously detailed brush work and fine layers of interwoven oil colors to convey the richness and beauty of her natural subjects.  The resulting richness of the colors and density within each space of canvas, though less complex than nature, endeavors to capture the vibrancy and kinetic activity that constitute the basis of the natural form.  Her engaging style of imbuing the canvas with amazingly dense, interwoven colors crafts an intense vibrancy in each painting.


The complexity of Sophy’s work is inspired by the intricate patterns that flow throughout nature.  Her style of richly imbuing each inch of the canvas with scores of finely coordinated brush strokes, though incredibly time consuming, is a focused way to capture the depth of the natural world.  As we see more and more of life’s rich surroundings, and art characterized by one or two brash brush stokes, Sophy views her work as providing a richer, more human, more natural presentation of expression.


Born near Cambridge, England, Sophy began to focus her artistic expression through both music and drawing on her parent’s old Tudor home walls.  Fortunately her parents appreciated Sophy’s gift and encouraged pursuit of an education in the arts. She moved to London and attended Goldsmiths College originally studying textile design before transferring into the Art Department.  Her calling has been focused on translating a densely rich painting style to different natural subjects drawing influence from flora, fauna and marine life.


With her recent move to Napa, she has exhibited at ECHO gallery (awarded Best of the Summer Exhibition) Rutherford Ranch and Ancien Winery. She finds exhibiting in the Napa Valley, especially at wineries, highlights her art with the wonderful, natural setting of Napa Valley.  Sophy is working on several new themes stimulated by the beauty and vibrancy of Napa Valley.