14 Purple In Red Poppies   48h x 36w
Going Home Through The Golden Fields   42.5h x 49.5w $2000 copy
Via Attraverso il Cypresso Della Toscono  48h x 48w  $1900
Toscana   36h x 36w  $1800
The Road Home  20h x 40w $900
The Rialto Bridge   48h x 36w  $2800
The Golden Light Of Autumn   40h x 40w $1800
Sunset Over Rome   23.5h x 29w   $900
Saint Peters Above The River  29h x 39w
Spring Landscape   36h x 48w $1900
Spring In Valdemossa   30h x 40w  $1500
Simplicity   30h x 40w  $1700
Reflections Of Palms   H 40h x 30w  $1700
Autumn Vineyards 36h x 48w  $1900
Early Autumn in Tuscany 36h x 48w   $1900
Ancient Rome  25h x 39w

"Purple in Red Poppies"
48"x 36" oil, item # HOW001 - $1990

"Going Home through the Golden Fields"
43" x 50" oil, item # HOW005 - $1900

"Via Attraverso il Cypresso Della Toscono"
48" x 48" oil, item # HOW007 - $1900

36" x 36" oil, item # HOW009 - $1900

"The Road Home"
20" x 40" oil, item # HOW010 - $1500

"The Rialto Bridge"
48" x 36" oil, item # HOW011 - $1900

"The Golden Light of Autumn"
40" x 40" oil, item # HOW012 - $1900

"Sunset Over Rome"
24" x 29" oil, item # HOW013 - $1500

"St. Peters Above the River"
29" x 39" oil, item # HOW015 - $1900

"Spring Landscape"
36" x 48" oil, item # HOW016 - $1900

"Spring in Valdemossa"
30" x 40" oil, item # HOW017 - $1900

30" x 40" oil, item # HOW018 - $1900

"Reflections of Palms"
40" x 30" oil, item # HOW019 - $1900

"Autumn Vineyards"
36" x 48" oil, item # HOW021 - $1900

"Early Autumn in Tuscany"
36" x 48" oil, item # HOW022 - $1900

"Ancient Rome"
25" x 39" oil, item # HOW023 - $1500

Tim Howe

Born in a country where awesome beauty abounds, Tim was surrounded by the vastness and overwhelming majesty of New Zealand’s landscape. It is here where he was first inspired to express nature’s limitless splendor through his art.


Howe graduated from the Wellington School of Design, in Wellington, New Zealand, studying a variety of disciplines including fine art, illustration, graphic design, photography and printmaking, all of which are at times incorporated into Tim’s work. After graduation, Howe immigrated to the United States and established his design studio in San Diego, CA. However, after traveling throughout the United States and Europe it became apparent that in order to capture the beauty he experienced, then his love of nature and art were to become irrevocably intertwined.


The turning point in Tim’s career was the fulfillment of his desire to paint in the light and colours of the Mediterranean…to paint and study on the same soil as the great masters of the late 19th century. Traveling throughout Spain, France and Italy, Howe was able to experience the change of the landscapes throughout every season. Howe became so enamored with the region that he established a studio in Barcelona, Spain.


Howe’s landscapes, inspired by not only his travels throughout Europe, but also his one-year sojourn to Vancouver Island, Seattle and New Zealand, reflect his unique perspective of nature. For Tim there are no boundaries between Impressionism and Abstraction. The result is a varied body of work that skillfully blends nature between the two seemingly opposing viewpoints.


Howe is an ambitious painter who will never limit his subject matter, his techniques, nor his stylistic development. This philosophy, along with his aesthetic spirit, will always allow him to bring fresh interpretations and new energies to his work.


Tim was commissioned by the Bolla Wine Corporation, Verona, Italy to create a painting for their new wine label.  His painting appears on their Italian Landscape Series of ten varietals.  Tim’s paintings have also been used on numerous television sets including “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Brothers and Sisters” as well as commercials for American Express, Target and Honda.


Howe’s unusual blending of styles attracts both the contemporary and traditional collector alike. His paintings can be seen in galleries throughout the US as well as in collectors homes across the world.